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"The best fence you'll never see!"

History of Pet StopĀ®

                 The true originals of the Pet Fencing industry reside at Pet Stop!

Invisible Fence® is the brand name that is often used when referring to electronic pet containment fencing. In 1989 their original patent preventing any competition expired and other companies were then able to enter the pet fencing market. Most of these companies merely copied the existing technology, but two entrepeneurs named Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe saw a genuine opportunity to make something better with an entirely different kind of pet fencing product. Together, they began engineering a pet fencing system that improved upon the existing technology by incorporating a variety of dynamic new features.

Enter..... John Purtell the original founder of Invisible Fence®
          In 2001, Perimeter Technologies (parent of Pet Stop®
) was joined by John Purtell, perhaps the most accomplished executive in the business. John founded the Invisible Fence® company in 1976, managing its dynamic growth throughout the 70's and 80's from a start up into the largest pet containment company in the country. With John, came our Chief Engineer, Scott Touchton, IT Manager, Jim Deery, and Manufacturing Engineer, Richard Kapolka all formerly of the Invisible Fence® company. The Pet Stop® brand containment system is now professionally installed and serviced across the United States and Canada by a network of over 200 growing and dedicated local exclusive dealers.
                               Scott Touchton,                           James Deery                 Richard Kapolka
                               Chief Engineer                               IT Manager            Manufacturing Engineer

Invisible Fence
® had the original patent in the industry 30 years ago, but now, most of those original innovators and designers of the product have long since moved on to Pet Stop® !


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Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation.
Fred Uberseder and/or Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad are in no way affiliated with Invisible Fence® Brand and only offers Pet Stop brand products.



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