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"The best fence you'll never see!"

How a Hidden Fence works.

Hidden, underground pet fencing..... 
        A proven and effective pet containment solution.

A Petstop® hidden dog fence is made up of four key components;
                                1.) The Transmitter.

    The transmitter is plugged into a sheltered outlet in the garage, 
basement or crawl space, and sends a radio signal through the boundary line in the ground around your house. It uses no more electricity than your alarm clock.

                                 2.) The Collar/Receiver.
             The collar is worn by your pet and acts as the receiver of the transmitter's radio signal. When your pet gets within a chosen distance from the boundary line, they hear a warning tone followed by a correction if they fail to move back. The correction level is set to the temperment of your individual dog. The collar has numerous correction level settings. Our best collar uses no expensive batteries but is re-chargeable with one charge lasting up to 2 months. No high cost annual battery plans or worrying about running out of batteries!

3.) The buried wire in the ground.
   We use only the best materials. Our wire is rated for underground installation for a long and useful life. We use only irrigation approved splice kits as well as 14-16 gauge wire with a coating that is specifically designed for underground installation. It is buried 4-6 inches below ground.
   Choose the design that best fits your yard.
   Any number of different configurations can be chosen. Most yards fall into one of three designs, the perimeter loop, the hourglass design, or the double loop. We can also keep your pet out of separate designated areas such as landscaped areas, pools, or gardens.

The Perimeter Loop: Full yard access.

The Hourglass Layout: Allows pet either front yard or back yard, but not both.

Back or Front yard layout only.

4.) Proper training. The professional dealer difference!
   Training is critically important and why many "do-it-yourself" systems fail. Different
pet breeds and individual dogs require various training approaches. A Pet Stop system can be adjusted to ensure effective training of your dog. We are IACP certified trainers dedicated to making sure your Pet Stop hidden dog fence is everything you hoped for. Remember, we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

    After a short and easy training period, you can relax and enjoy your pet's new freedom, safe within your yard! 
    We do not require an "in-home" high pressure sales consultation in order to give you an estimate. Estimates are free and we will be more than happy to give you a "ballpark" cost over the phone before we come out to do an exact measurement and price for your particular yard.

    Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad.  (336) 816-1175

Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc.


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