Hidden underground pet dog fence Winston-Salem  Greensboro  High Point Triad

"The best fence you'll never see!"

A word about price....and integrity.

    We will be happy to give you an approximate price of a hidden fence system over the phone, followed by a visit to your home if you wish, in order to give you an exact price. No high pressure sales tactics!We want you to take your time and make the best decision when it comes to your dog's safety and containment. We offer
the absolute lowest price of all fence providers as we will beat any written estimate that you show us on a comparably featured fence system.

    An estimate from us includes an itemized list of components and labor that determine the price of your Pet Stop hidden fence. You will know exactly what you are paying for. Your estimate will be specific to your particular needs and yard. Your price is not based on where you live or a generic "one size fits all" package price. We measure the size of the area you wish to fence in calculating the installation cost.

    When it comes to cost, all of our customers are quoted the best price we can give based again on your particular yard and containment needs. With Proline Hidden Fence, you get the best price on the best hidden fence in the industry. Your estimate is good for 30 days after it is given. No bait, no switch, no gimmicks, just honest, up front pricing.

Best Price Guarantee.....
     Proline Hidden Fence offers the best price on the best hidden fence system in the industry, period. Our price is guaranteed to be below any written estimate from our competitors on a fence system with comparable features. Here are some important features for you to compare:
  •      Made in America vs. made in China.
  •      Shock levels adjustable by the consumer vs. only the dealer.
  •      Low battery light vs. none.
  •      Gentle steps training vs the old school overly hard shock.
  •      Sufficient follow up to guarantee containment and use of the whole yard.
  •     Lifetime warranty on our Pet Stop system.

    Pet Stop Hidden Fence systems........
         a safe and effective containment option for every budget.

    Proline Hidden Fence offers you a number of different price options when it comes to choosing your hidden fence, and most likely one that will fit your budget. Rest assured that when you choose Pet Stop, you've chosen quality, service, and effective containment for your pet's safety.
    Just call and we'll give you an idea of what a system might be for your particular yard and needs. Again, no pressure, just straight forward answers to your questions!

 Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad     (336)816-1175
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