Hidden underground pet dog fence Winston-Salem  Greensboro  High Point Triad

"The best fence you'll never see!"

 Competitor upgrade specials.

Pet Stop® and Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad.....
                               The Triad's affordable fencing alternative.

Trade-Ins, Batteries, Service Specials. 

Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad is the exclusive, authorized provider of Pet Stop® electronic hidden fence products. We provide expert service on all brands of hidden fence systems and offer compatible batteries for other systems and compatible collar receivers to work seamlessly with the other brands of containment. Just another example of Pet Stop's advanced technological capability, brought to you by
Pet Stop®.

Trade-in Specials.....
Do you own another brand of fence and for some reason are unhappy? You like others may be looking for a more humane and consumer friendly type of hidden fence for your pet, or possibly just want the latest in digital technology or Gentle Steps training features only offered by an American built Pet Stop® system. 
Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad offers trade-in specials on all brands of hidden fence systems. A Pet Stop® system is available to you at up to a 50% discount when trading in another brand of fence. A trade-in/upgrade to Pet Stop® requires no new wiring and can be done in minutes.

     Additionally, Pet Stop® components, (collars and transmitters) are compatible with most all brands. That means if you need just a new collar we can replace what you presently have to work with your
existing system at most likely a much reduced cost from your present company. And remember, Pet Stop collars/receivers have a lifetime warranty.

We offer a compatible replacement battery to fit most any other model of collar . These are high grade replacement batteries. Call us for pricing.
Better yet, let us switch you to the Pet Stop Ecolite rechargeable collar and never worry about batteries again. Switching to our collar does not require changing anything else about your existing system!

Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad will also service any system you now have, from diagnosing problems, to locating and repairing line breaks. We do it all professionally and promptly. When you call us, you won't be waiting weeks for someone to come fix the problem.                                                                                            

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