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"The best fence you'll never see!"

"Gentle Steps Training".

Gentle Steps training.......respectful, safe and effective.

    We are committed to service.
    Proline Hidden Fence is committed to serving you and your pet and making sure that your new containment system is everything you hoped it would be. Unlike other brands that are sold by landscapers or other part-timers, Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad is a full-time small business with years of knowledge in the field. We have trained thousands of dogs to our containment systems all while maintaining the highest of ethical and professional standards. You can be confident that your pet will be treated respectfully, safely and reliably.

    Training your pet the Pet Stop way.
    Good pet training is absolutely critical to successful containment and is why do-it-yourself systems often fail. Proline Hidden Fence employs the most advanced, up to date behavioral methods and applies them to individual pets with very different personalities. We want every pet to make the smoothest transition possible. 

    We carry out the initial phases of training with you and your pet. This training is included in the price of your containment system. Rest assured that we don't simply install fences and drive away leaving you to figure out what to do next. We will be there every step of the way until your dog is reliably trained to stay in your yard and then stand ready to be there should you need additional help or service needs. We will fit your pet with the collar/receiver and outline with you the principles and methods involved in reinforcing their initial training.
    We will then put your pet through various training techniques designed to teach them the new boundaries of their electronic fence.When handled properly pets take to the training easily, often experiencing the correction only once or twice and quickly learning to respond to the warning tone.

Freedom within boundaries!
       After you and your dog receive training from us, you will begin the phase of reinforcement training, a self initiated program. The program is organized into short daily sessions lasting for approximately two weeks, the time it takes for most pets to be reliably trained to stay within their boundaries. After this is completed, your pet will be free to roam and play within the safety of their new Pet Stop electronic fence system, enjoying a new kind of freedom they've never had before......freedom within boundaries, a beautiful thing!

Proline Hidden Fence will walk your dog through the training with "Gentle Steps".
Keeping pets safe in the yard and away from danger doesn't have to be difficult or stressful for you and your dog. All dog fence systems rely on a special training collar that emits a brief and harmless static correction as a deterrent to leaving the safety of the yard which may be stressful for some animals, particularly shy or sensitive pets. To reduce the stress associated with introducing your pet to her new fence, Pet Stop has introduced the new "Gentle Steps" training method.
    Gentle Steps training is the perfect marriage of product technology and the latest soft touch training method to quickly and easily familiarize your dog to her new fencing system. Gentle Steps training is the modern and incremental training program that reduces problems commonly associated with traditional containment training by using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the critical initial training phase.        
The Pet Stop system has literally thousands of personalized adjustments, including the ultra-low levels needed for Gentle Steps training. Whether it's interference problems, tricky installations like small lots or even lots of dogs, our exclusive programming capability enables us to install the fence to teach your pet to respect her new boundaries quickly and most importantly--happily! We aren't limited by our equipment's flexibility and we don't think you should settle for anything less either. Remember, Pet Stop systems are brought to you by the original innovators of hidden fence systems back in the 1970's who have continued to refine and patent the technology to where Pet Stop is today.
   After your pet is comfortable knowing the boundaries of her fence, higher levels of correction can be used to help even the most committed escape artists to resist the many natural distractions that might jeopardize their safety such as squirrels, bikes or speeding cars.




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