Hidden underground pet dog fence Winston-Salem  Greensboro  High Point Triad

"The best fence you'll never see!"

PetStop® Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad

serving Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the Triad.

The affordable fencing alternative!

Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad is the authorized dealer in Greensboro and Winston-Salem of PetStop®  Brand Hidden Fence Systems, the technological leader in the hidden, underground dog fence industry. Check us out and you will understand why!

     Let your dog have the freedom and exercise they need with a Pet Stop® hidden fence from  Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad!

    Your dog contained in your yard....Safe pet, happy owner!

     Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad and Pet Stop® hidden fence systems have contained thousands of pets using Pet Stop® quality underground hidden dog fence systems. 
    We offer peace of mind with the most advanced electronic dog fence from the original innovators of pet containment.
    Keeping your pet safe in your yard is what we love to do, making both you and your dog's life a happier one!
 American built quality, superior technology, lifetime warranty.
Pet Stop® hidden fence systems are built in America, unlike some of our competitors , who outsource their manufacturing to China. You can rest assured that your Pet Stop® fence system is top quality and comes with a lifetime warranty from Pet Stop!

The Pet Stop® EcoLite™ Rechargeable Collar.
Just say no to costly batteries for less of a toll on the planet and your wallet! Only Pet Stop® has the new fully rechargeable pet containment collar called the"EcoLite".  A single charge lasts up to two months! It's the smallest (.8 oz), most powerful, and most cost effective and technologically advanced collar on the market. In addition, it is fully compatible with all other major brands of pet containment systems allowing you to make the switch to the Ecolite collar without changing your whole system!



Gentle steps training; easy, safe, and effective.
  Pet Stop's advanced technology allows us to train your dog in the gentlest way possible. Our "Gentle Steps" is a low stress training method that results in your
pet quickly learning to stay within the boundary of your yard. We are  certified in dog training by the International Association of Canine Professionals, (IACP ) Our collars have multiple levels of correction that can be adjusted starting with just a warning tone and no correction for the youngest of puppies. Just another example of greater innovation from Pet Stop®, the original founders of the hidden pet containment fence.                                      
          Combined with the strength of Pet Stop®, comes a caring and locally owned small business in Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad.   
     Proline Hidden Fence is owned by Fred and Beth Uberseder, both graduates of Wake Forest University and longtime residents of Lewisville, N.C. We look forward to helping you with a fence from Proline Hidden Fence! Call 336-816-1175 for a free, no pressure estimate!

Freedom within boundaries.......
a wonderful thing!    

Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad           (336) 816-1175 
Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc



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